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Toy Designer James Groman’s newest B.C. Blasters 

Will Hit in 2022 as a Monster Forge x Toy Art Gallery collaboration!


The Jurassic war machines, the B.C. Blasters, return!  Hours before the DesignerCon 2021 show floor opens, superstar designer toy artist James Groman revealed via Instagram the all new B.C. Blasters for his upcoming designer toy collaboration with Monster Forge Productions and Toy Art Gallery.


Groman is best known for his outlandish designs as seen in many of his works including the highly popular Madballs toy series. Groman now brings his signature art style to the Monster Forge universe and offers his monstrous spin on his long running B.C. Blasters toy line with Toy Art Gallery! The figures are designed and sculpted by the artist and samples will be on display at this weekend’s DesignerCon convention in Anaheim, CA, at the Toy Art Gallery booth (#?). 

“When Monster Forge asked me to design and sculpt new characters for the B.C. Blasters, I was amped,” said Groman. “Growing up, I was usually drawn to characters like Swamp Thing, Monster of Frankenstein, Man-Thing and Werewolf by Night and Earth’s first monsters, the dinosaur. Working with Steve Niles and Shannon Eric Denton of Monster Forge on these figures has been so creatively invigorating! It helps that the folks at Toy Art Gallery have been a joy to work with on these for years and this new energy brought to the line has been tremendous. It was interesting to see just how far we could take the new designs and push the paint for the originals to give it that classic animated series vibe. I can only hope this collection leads to even more collaborations with Monster Forge and Toy Art Gallery. I know I have several more collaborations with Monster Forge we’ll be announcing soon!”

Initial details about Groman’s B.C. Blasters figures are below:

B.C. Blasters by James Groman: 

  • Characters: Rocket Rex, Tanklasaurus, Pteranajet, Triceratrooper, Strike-Asaur, Carriersaurus, Jurassic Shark, Dissectrodon, Velocityraptor and Transpitter!

  • All figures are designed and sculpted by James Groman


Additional info can be found at DesignerCon at the Toy Art Gallery booth (#529)

About James Groman: 

He is the monster-obsessed, multi-media Madballs creator and legendary toy designer. His style is highlighted with delightfully exaggerated and gory details—exposed muscle fibers, superfluous layers of teeth and rippling and calloused skin. 

About Monster Forge Productions: 

Monster Forge, founded by Steve Niles & Shannon Eric Denton, focuses on a spectrum of horror properties, ranging from light monster fare for children to full-blown adult scares. Monster Forge enters the entertainment space with a multi-platform production division bringing their monstrous library of titles and creator relationships to film, television, interactive entertainment, gaming, and merchandising. Monster Forge is repped by APA.

For more info, visit  


About Toy Art Gallery: 

Located in Hollywood, California, Toy Art Gallery is one of the premier destinations for original and exciting designer toy art. By focusing on producing original, custom, and life-size toy sculptures as well as carrying a curated assortment of top brands and artists, we’re leading the way for collectors to experience the world of figurative sculpture art.

Established in 2009, Toy Art Gallery is the first gallery of its kind to showcase and consult on high-end art toys and sculptures with a goal of showcasing exciting, original, and new artists who use figurative sculpture as their primary medium of expression. We also focus on showing, collecting, and producing high end, limited edition, custom, and life-size toy sculptures.

TAG TOYS is the production arm of Toy Art Gallery. We manufacture soft vinyl kaiju and designer toys created by the top toy artists in the world. With a focus on quality and innovative designs, TAG TOYS is one of the premier designer toy brands operating today. For more info, visit


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